Security Doors, Security Screens & Blinds

  • Security Doors
    ForceField, Protec, Diamond & Heritage
    Prowler Proof hi-tech Security Doors designed to protect your property and increase airflow. View Security Doors
  • Security Screens
    ForceField, Protec & Diamond
    Prowler Proof Window Security Screens for maxiumum security and transparency. View Security Screens
  • Fly Screens
    Door and Window Insect Screens
    Prowler Proof high quality, long lasting fibreglass gauze to keep insects out. View Fly Screens
  • Blinds
    Honeycomb, Roller, Roman, Vertical & Timber
    Enhance the style and design of your home, minimise glare & blockout the sun. View Blinds
  • 50 Standard Colours
    Prowler Proof Colour Options
    Plus more than 250 optional colours on Security Doors, Screens & Fly Screens. View Colours
  • 10 Year Warranty
    Security Door, Screen & Fly Screen Warranty
    The only security screen manufacturer in Australia with a 10 year replacement warranty. View Warranty